How I became a Writer.

Hello, World! (That’s a great opening line, right?)

Welcome to my blog.

You can call me Daleylife.  And, I hope to be a paid  screenwriter or perhaps a playwright sooner than later.

I decided to give wordpress a try, in hopes of reaching an audience.

So, here’s the story on How I became a Writer:

I didn’t start out as a writer.

I was an actor. I did it all of high school.  Eventually, I made my way to a supporting character in the school’s musical and that was in fact my goal. I love bringing a character to life. I find it thrilling.

When I was a senior, our theatre teacher decided to do a small unit on writing plays. Her idea was that it was important us actors understood how a play is created: an idea. characters. conflict.

For our assignment, we were to write a short play, dealing with four characters at most. After a week of writing, the class was to be divided up so each ‘playwright’ could see their work come to life.

I created the character, Dennis Carver. He was a high school drama student, with an attitude.

My play consisted of Dennis attempting to ruin a shy boy’s audition, so Dennis could land the lead role.

The kicker here, is that for reasons I can’t remember, I was late to class the next week and walked in the door the SECOND my play had just been performed. I never saw it come to life.

From the idea of creating Dennis, I realized that I liked creating characters more than acting. I loved creating their stories. So, I began writing a play that was based on my high school years. , I’ve had a creative writing project in progress ever since.



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