Your own television show.

I think part of being a writer is being interested in human emotion.  What creates friendship? What is love? And why do we get angry?

When I create a character (and I suspect all writers do this) I usually pull from real people. My first writing project is all about my high school experience. Every character there is based on a real person.

But, the thing is, real life is the basis of any story a person creates.  Whether it be a situation or a person who made an impact.

I used to think my life would make a great movie. But, as I write and people watch– really, anyone’s life could be a movie.

I think situations that occur in real life are unchanging and limited. However, what makes life unique for everyone is our character. How we react to the same situations.

If you take a teen drama, in which a girl finds herself pregnant, she may want to keep the baby. But, her boyfriend, wants her to get an abortion. The situation is in countless stories but the reactions from the characters can be different, which in turn, creates a unique spin.

And, that’s exactly how life is.

We’re all experiencing the same life– but, we’re all at different phases and our minds react differently.  And, it is those thoughts and those emotions we express, that create good foundations for stories.

Your life is your own television show. You’re the main character, while your friends and family are the supporting characters.

Watch out for that twist and that earth-shattering cliffhanger.


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