As her arms fly up high, she clenches her fists.  “Own It!”, she yells.

The crowd screams with joy, amazement and sheer ecstasy.  Because, these words have been muttered by the most influential woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey.

“OWN IT” is the slogan for a new cable television network, nicely dubbed OWN, after Oprah Winfrey (Network).

Everyone should know the name and who she is. But, by chance you have been living under a rock, Oprah is a famous talk show host. She also has a heart of gold. She’s done countless wonderful things for people through her show. Her opinion matters, and she is rolling in the dough.

Now, I rarely tuned into her show, simply because it isn’t exactly my thing.

However, OWN has a show with a ‘behind the scenes look’ of Oprah’s talk show, and it’s quite entertaining.  From Oprah disagreeing with her producers to Liza Minnelli refusing to discuss her failed marriages before taping — it’s great tv. If you’re into writing, producing, or hosting your own show– you’ve GOT to watch this.

OWN also has a reality show, looking for a new tv host of their OWN show. (Get it?) —-> Your Own Show.

However, the show isn’t exactly well put-together.  The first challenge was interviewing Dr. Phil for a ‘segment.’ The men’s team was excellent. But, the women’s team was a complete disaster.  But, before we get to that… let’s talk about the Guest Judge.

Dr Phil sat in as the guest judge, as well as being the main aspect of the first challenge.  This wasn’t a good move, OWN.  The celebrity judging shouldn’t be part of the challenge. It’s too much pressure on these contestants, firstly.  But, the main problem was Dr. Phil himself. He  had this attitude that was condescending and demeaning.  Dr. Phil acted as if he was the king of the studio and that the contestants were bugs. Dr. Phil was cast in a new light, and it wasn’t flattering at all.

Now, the challenge itself. I want to talk about the female team, VISION. Their interview segment failed mainly because their video didn’t run on cue.  Leigh Koechner, the contestant hosting this segment, was at  lost for words and didn’t know what to do.  What she ended up doing, was asking Dr. Phil her own question and cutting him off within 3 seconds of him speaking.

It was no contest. Clearly, the other team won.  But, the judges still went through the motions, acting as though they weren’t sure who would win. The biggest upset here, was even when discussing VISION’S failure, they not once mention the video not beginning on cue. Not once! And, Dr. Phil wanted a certain contestant considered for elimination, when she had nothing to do with the failing segment.

In the end, Leigh Koechner went home, because her ‘final interview’ went badly. And, while she was loud and slightly annoying, she didn’t deserve to go home.  Elizabeth Espinosa should have gone home. She was the contestant who produced the segment. She was the reason the video was late. She twirled her finger, causing Leigh to interrupt Dr. Phil.  The reason she stayed? Her ‘final interview’ was much better. Did I mention she’s a news reporter?

I feel OWN messed up.  Big time.  I feel if the first elimination was so wrong, who’s to say the true winner of the group won’t go home early on?

Now, I’m still going to watch the show, seeing if it gets any better.

But, Oprah, you’ve got to fix this show. Your producers made a huge mistake. One that have got to OWN up too.

Image from http://www.impawards.com


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