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Ah, the 2011 Oscars.

What did you think?

Well, a quick search on GOOGLE or a #oscars tag on Twitter  will tell you it bombed.

I, for one, felt the show wasn’t that bad. Not that memorable.  But, not bad. Anne Hathaway did a  good job hosting. James Franco… while I think he is a great actor, hosting didn’t really suit him.

There seemed to be a whole lack of entertainment, however. Did anyone else notice that? And while Anne Hathaway can sing good enough to be a star on broadway, the song she sang was horrible. The camera was on Hugh Jackman as the song ended. His face said it all: What the hell was that?

The best part of the show, in terms of entertainment, was the ‘We’re in the nominated movies’ intro,  The ‘auto tuned musical’ clip and Kirk Douglas presenting.  The way he made us wait to hear the winner was hysterical. “You know…?”

Let’s talk about the winner’s for a second.

Were you at all surprised? Nope… The King’s Speech took the award for Best Picture. I can’t really see why. Really. It’s a good film, but the best of the year? No. The Social Network should have won and giving Tom Hooper the best Directing award as well? It should have gone to David Fincher, with or without a best picture win. However, Tom’s acceptance speech was the best of the night, as he tells the story of how his mother is the reason he made The King’s Speech.

Natalie Portman.  She won Best Lead Actress.  While at first I was upset, I think now she probably deserved the award. But. The one thing I felt annoyed with was her acceptance speech. Given the longest time to speak, she thanked everyone on the planet. Her speech didn’t have an ounce of inspiration, heart, or joy. It was all ‘Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”  I suppose, she knew she’d win, so there was no surprise or awe in her mind.

Speaking of acceptance speeches, Aaron Sorkin and David Seidler (Adapted; Original Screenplay) delivered quirky and fun speeches.

Colin Firth winning best actor.   Good for him. I, however, would have awarded Jesse Eisenberg.

Hailee Steinfield lost too.  This is the most upsetting thing to me. Here is a 14 year old girl, in her first major film role, and she blows it out of the water. She carried True Grit. When I saw the film, everyone afterward remarked about her and how she’s surely win an award. But, she lost. Biggest Upset.

The winners are great in their own right. But, sometimes, I think The Academy makes mistakes.

I do have to say.  Over The Rainbow being sung by children was a winner. That finale had heart, soul, and inspiration for all of us who aspire to be on that stage someday.

Image from: EW.

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