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Who’s Who on ‘Glee.’

 Well, readers, it’s been awhile.

I’ve been writing. That’s for sure.

And, I’m happy to be writing here again. I’ve missed you!

So, you’ve heard of Glee, right? Surely you have. The show about a high school glee club and all the drama and laugher that goes along with it.

Glee and I have a love/hate relationship. The core idea of the show I love, and I enjoy the show overall. Sometimes, however, I think Glee gets a little too campy. But, at the end of the day, I think the show is good.

This summer, the producers of Glee held auditions for The Glee Project. The winner of that show would win a 7 episode story-arc on Glee.

That’s pretty amazing.  I have to say, I think this is the best ‘role on a tv show’ prize ever. Usually, you’d win a walk on role as a waiter or waitress and speak two words. But not here! Here, the winner will be placed in the middle of the action, and actually BE SOMEBODY. I’m sure it’s a thrilling anticipation for the winners.

Yes, I said winners.

Ryan Murphy, (Glee Creator) who morphed from an intimidating judge to a compassionate one,  gave a ‘prize’ to the final four.  Two Contestants took the final prize, winning a 7 episode stint EACH, while the other two got 2 episodes each.  I may have that wrong— but that was how I understood it: each member of the final four got something just for them.

So, now, the writer in me is at the edge of my seat— wondering just who these winners will become on the show. How will the writers work them in? So. Just for fun, I’m going to pretend I’m writing for Glee. I’m going to tell you what characters I’d create on the show, using the final four.


In reality, Sam is sort of offbeat. He’s not exactly a heartthrob, but he’s not a nerd in the slightest.  He was often told he was too serious. But, as the show went on, he got better with that and could sing the phone book and sell out a venue.  Ryan Murphy seemed to indicate Samuel would be written as a Christian character. Now, while Sam is Christian in real life, ‘tv and film’ Christians have a different feel… something I can’t seem Sam emulating.

On Glee:

CHARACTER INTRODUCTION: Quinn is in a frenzy to see Sam Evans– so she heads to the hotel room where he was staying last season. She knocks on the door. The door opens– and there stands DAVID.  He is now staying in the room  for a few days to ‘get away’ and write some songs. Quinn will find some lyrics David has written, but he’ll grab them away, saying no one can see his stuff.

STORYLINE: David isn’t a student at the high school. He dropped out a year ago, because he wanted to be a free spirit. Quinn will bring him into the Glee club,  where he’ll unintentionally cause riffs between Kurt and Blaine.  David will be trying to perfect a song that he just can’t get right.  All the other characters want to get a peak at it. Finally, Brittany will be the one David shares it with– and in a moment of clarity, Brittany will sing it perfectly and come up with the ending verse, giving David inspiration before he disappears as fast as he came.

FIRST LINE:  Oh, hey. Thought you were Jolene.


In reality, Damian was the contestant who struggled here and there, but often suddenly hitting the mark. His accent made girls swoon, and he was close friends with Cameron and Hannah.

On Glee:

CHARACTER INTRODUCTION: Rachel is trying desperately to add some humanitarian work before she graduates. She is advised to help an international student join a club and feel ‘involved.’ She’ll be walking in the hallway, and see a girl, wearing a skirt, her face hidden by a locker. Rachel will walk up to her, and when the locker closes– she sees COLIN, a young man with a horribly thick Irish accent. He’ll be seen wearing a kilt, which Rachel mistook for a skirt.

STORYLINE: Colin will be a straight-laced, no nonsense student. Rachel will try to get him to understand American Culture– but he won’t forgo any of his traditions. He’ll clash with Puck, when they battle to sing a solo. Colin will have a deep dark secret, and he’ll reach out to Brittany for advice. The trouble is, Brittany can’t understand a word that he says.  She’ll totally misunderstand and get Colin deported.

FIRST LINE:  “This school is beyond me…”

NOTE: Real Glee Writer, Ian Brennan commented Brittany wouldn’t understand Damian if he made it on the show.


In reality, Lindsay was always the girl who was ‘the best actress’ and was also an amazing talent when it came to singing. However, she was often told she was unrelatable and needed to ‘find out who she was.’ She did just that in the finale. In Episode 7, she dawned the cheer leading costume, thus creating this idea:

On Glee:

CHARACTER INTRODUCTION: SAMANTHA will be spying on Becky, overhearing a conversation between her and Sue.

STORYLINE: Samantha is a Cheerios reject who is desperate to claim Becky’s spot as Sue’s sidekick.  Samantha isn’t very nice, and she’ll pretend to befriend Becky. Everyone will like her, because she’ll be nice to everyone else’s face. Samantha will finally make it to a Cheerio’s practice, but her true colors will be revealed to the other characters when they overhear her teasing Becky through the speakers on the field.

FIRST LINE : Hey, Gimme’ that!


In reality, Alex was the contestant that the judges praised a lot.  He was described as often being highly talented, but ‘checking out’ at times. Alex was highly praised when he dressed in drag for his final performance.

On Glee:

CHARACTER INTRODUCTION: Mercedes returns home to find her brother, LINCOIN, crying while sitting on the sofa.

STORYLINE:  Lincoln is struggling with his identity, feeling awfully feminine. He tells Mercedes he feels trapped in a body that is wrong, and wants to consider a sex-change operation. Mercedes struggles with the idea of losing a ‘brother’.  Mercedes later bumps into a new student at the school, and the two hit off. But… it’s  really Lincoln in drag, and it’s highly convincing.

FIRST LINE: Mercedes… I want to change…


Just my ideas. I’m excited to see their actual character creations.

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