Who is A?

Pretty Little Liars. Yeah. I watch that show. So, sue me. I don’t care that I’m not the core demographic. That show just hooks you in and is a testament to excellent writing. If you are reading this and have no clue what Pretty Little Liars is, here is a rundown:

It’s a drama, following four teenage girls.  Their best friend was killed and they’re trying to solve the murder. And, if that’s not enough, someone is texting them anonymously and is revealing their secrets and ruining their lives.


The plotline of ‘anonymous texting’ is a genius concept. It’s been done before. I can think of one other series in which it was featured prominently. The web series PROM QUEEN, which aired on Myspace in 2007. That followed Ben Simmons, an unpopular student who was getting unknown texts, and as the series went on, a whole lot of drama happened because of this ‘unknown sender.’

That’s actually why I began watching PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. I like the concept, and I wanted to see just how this one would play out. In LIARS,  The unknown sender is only known as A. Next week, the series airs its season 2 finale. There is hype up the walls because A will be revealed. For real. It’s not a gimmick… like abcfamily pulled awhile ago. This time, the camera will pan over to see just who is wearing those black gloves.As a writer, I love the series because it’s so planned. The way things unfold, things ‘connect’ later on. It’s a sign that these writers know where they are going and they come up with the most interesting “OH MY GOD!’ moments. There’s been a million of them.

I am, however, very worried. When the show began, I fully believed the creators would  never reveal A, as it was the whole idea of the show. Without a mysterious texter, there is no mystery. But, here we are, season 2, and we’re being promised we will learn the answer to our biggest question.

I am excited to see how the writers make the show as gripping as it is, with its main mystery solved. I could see, for awhile, that if ‘A” is unmasked and sticks around… the dynamic of this character with the girls could create a lot of drama.  Without knowing a thing, I just thought one of the main girls would end up being A. However, I’m sure everyone else though that too. So, it wouldn’t be shocking.

There’s this theory, that I only read a few days ago. The theory is that ‘A’ might be Ezra Fitz. Ezra is an English teacher at the school, and is in love with one of the main leads— Aria.  (Don’t worry, they met off campus and had no idea they were getting into illegal territory!)

If you look in the right places, people have stacked evidence to suggest the theory is in fact true. The producers have stated that they have left clues along the way in all episodes regarding A’s identity.

Now, let me state… I am not connected to the show. I have not looked up any spoilers (since accidentally coming across the Ezra theory.) If Ezra is in fact A, it’s purely coincidence on my part.

Anyway. Back to the point: I want Ezra to be A. Here’s why. It is truly shocking. The thought of him being A never once crossed my mind. Never. And, I am so upset I came across the theory because it makes perfect sense.

I’ll just note two clues I noticed on my own. First, in last night’s episode, the ‘creepy little kid’ got a lollipop from A in the ‘ending credits tag’ (It is called a tag, right?) It’s revealed in this tag, that A ‘hired’ the little kid to lie to our girls, and a lollipop was his reward. Now, my thinking is, a teacher would give a kid a lollipop. I know, I know… you get one at the doctor’s office. But, seriously… I’ve got a million teachers in my family, and, in the younger grades, candy is used as a reward. And in this ending tag, the creepy little kid who seeming feigned psychic ability, got a lollipop. Okay, that’s clue one.

Second clue…  In the episode, “The First Secret” —  Aria is seen visiting Hollis to see her Father. And, in a brief moment in a scene, she bumps into Ezra and rushes off. This episode is a FLASHBACK, before the two knew each other. The fact that this moment was put in the episode is a major click. It’s very brief, but it is there.  Aria could have bumped into an extra— but no, she bumped into Ezra.

Ezra being A is a wonderful story twist. The love interest is the villain. That concept isn’t anything new. But, it can be done in a perfect way that still shocks the audience.

#Aday, as it’s being called, is the day we’ll turn on our televisions or maybe computers— and watch the most shocking secret be revealed.  I’m still going to watch, even if I have somehow solved the mystery. If anything, I’m more interested. And remember, this is a theory— something a fan thought up. So, the possibility it is wrong is intriguing as well. Maybe A is someone else.  And, let me say that I came across this theory from CARLYtheBARBIE on Youtube.

So. Now, we wait.

I hope all the highschoolers reading this get back to their homework… surely your ENGLISH TEACHER has assigned you to read THE SCARLET LETTER…

You know… where Hester Prynne must wear a giant A on her chest?

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