So, here’s the deal:

In 2010, Ryan Seacrest interviewed Lucy Hale. He asked her, “Who is A?” Lucy responded by saying A was Mona in the books, but that the show was doing it differently.

Season 2 comes around. It is said that A WILL BE REVEALED in the Season Finale.

On Good Morning America, on March 19th, 2012, #ADAY, The reporter states, “Now, if you’ve read the book… you don’t know who A is…” Lucy Hale responds with, “Yes! That’s what I think is so cool… you don’t know which way it will go.”

The show airs.

It is revealed that MONA is A. This is who A is in the books.

Marlene King states on her twitter, “Things r written about the show that I have no control over. I have never said that Mona wasn’t A. If u read that, it was falsely reported.” (But, Lucy Hale did ‘report’ it, in an interview!)

In an interview with EW, Marlene King stated, “[Mona Was] the most logical and also the most satisfying choice for A” because she had motive.” 

Oliver Goldstick, a producer says of it being the same A, We felt like we had a certain need to honor the thing that was set up by the author.”

ALSO— Marlene King has said numerous places that she knew who A would be from “Day One.”

Near the end of the episode, Mona speaks to someone who is not shown, thus suggesting there is another A.

But, Marlene King states on her twitter: Yall let me make it clear: Mona is A.

Why make the television show, knowing your A would easily be found out by a google search? Why not get on Lucy Hale’s butt when she reveals the book A? Why tell us A will be revealed when in fact… there’s another A barking order’s at Mona?

False Advertising.   Making us wait two years to find out it’s MONA.

Not very smart.

I believe Marlene King should address this issue ASAP and explain the confusion.

Image from: Marlene King’s Twitter.

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