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Glee Project 2.

The finale of The Glee Project 2 is just days away. I’ve been watching it here and there and am excited to see who will win.

Last year, I wrote an entry discussing how I’d write for the contenders. And here we are again:

One of the writers said on the last episode Blake was not a misfit, and so he wouldn’t fit well with The Glee Club. Um, hello? Make him a Warbler! I agree that Blake should play a bad guy. At least for awhile. I worry that he’s being placed in this box of playing a jock. He played a guy playing a Jock on Melisa and Joey already. Maybe that doesn’t matter to him, however.  What Blake has going for him is his looks. Yes, he IS a good actor, but I think that overall, his looks are getting him far. So, again, I’d have Blake be bad. He’s obviously be a friend of Sebastian’s.  But, I really think that by the end of Blake’s story arc, he would emerge as a good guy, having learned from his mistakes.

Aylin.  I don’t really know what to say about her. She is likable. But, for me personally, I just don;’t really see what she could bring to Glee. There is her Muslim background, but that is directly a part of her— I think the writers need to shy away from that. However, if Aylin won, I wouldn’t be disappointed.  She can sing and act well enough. I’d have Aylin be a friend of Tina’s.   Aylin’s character would be good at the heart, but would unintentionally cause problems for Tina. At the end of her arc, she’d realize she wanted to join the Peace Corps.

Ali.  I love this girl. I’m actually most excited for her to win. There’s so much potential if she were to win. Clearly, by being in a wheelchair, she’d have scenes with Artie. For me, I’d have Ali be new to the chair— she just got in an accident and is having difficulty adjusting. However, this plotline probably wouldn’t happen, since Quinn essentially just did this last season. And, that might be a problem for Ali winning anyway, as Ryan mentioned that they’ve done the disability plot before. One of the writers noted they could see Ali playing a bitch. She sure could, but if she wins, I hope she’s a good girl, really. I mean, every character needs to get in some trouble once in awhile, but I really don’t want Ali being a bad girl at heart.

All in all, I can’t decide between Ali or Blake.

We’ll see who wins on Tuesday.

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