My, oh my. Where has the time gone? This poor blog has been neglected, clearly. Bad, writer, bad!

 Let’s get to the point, shall we?


 Today, I want to talk about a little show, DEGRASSI. You may have heard of it. It actually was a continuation of another series and was at first called DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION. The show did what some shows do, and that’s follow the children of the once main characters of the previous show.

 Well, DEGRASSI has been on the air since 2001 and has won many awards and has a strong fan base. I started watching the show when it was in Season 10, but over the past 6 months, I’ve been watching the earlier seasons.

 I love the show because it provides a pretty accurate interpretation of the life of a teenager. Admittedly, the show has lost some of its shine in recent years, but hey, it’s in it’s 12th season. So, that is to be expected.

 I want to talk a little about how the show was when it first began in 2001. This was when cell phones were of the flip variety and Facebook wasn’t even invented. I mention this, because Degrassi’s first storyline is a brilliant one, but it’s something that couldn’t really be done now, with the current technology.

 Emma Nelson, who when the show began was 12, was emailing Jordan, a boy her age who shared the same interests as her. Emma was head over heals for the boy and jumped at the chance to meet him when he asked.

 As the story goes on, the audience learns that Jordan isn’t a kid at all, but instead a pedophile who manages to trap Emma in his hotel room. Emma’s friends manage to crack her email and discover Jordan is a fraud and race to the hotel to save her.

 For 2001, this storyline grips you. Yes, this kind of thing still does happen in real life. But, back in 2001, it was a lot easier to hide behind a mask on the internet. It has more believability. Looking at the story from a written perspective, the writers have very little time for you to care about Emma. The only strength they have is tying her to her mother, who was a well loved character as a teen on the other series.

But, the writers make a fleshed out young girl, and you do care for her. Emma loves the environment, means well in every respect, and is simply a victim of falling in love with what she believes to be a boy who cares for her .

 This is the storyline that I love most on the series and I think it is the one that is done quite well.

 f you have yet to see DEGRASSI, do yourself a favor and rent it on Netflix. Just get the first disc. Just check out the very first episode and see if you don’t get addicted.

 In my next entry, we’ll examine the series further and discover why you should be watching it.   

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