407238_4339286554267_2075814815_nSo, this is a really, really interesting story. So, as a writer/actor, I had my hopes of working on DEGRASSI one day. Of course, I’m not Canadian, so my chances are extremely slim.

Not very many days ago, I was cruising the website YOUNOW, which is like Skype, but live and you can chat with several people at once. And, I saw this guy, FRANCIS SAUVE broadcasting. He was an engaging guy and seemed really popular with all the people watching. I noticed he was from Canada, too.

Now, in my experience, all actors have a THING about them. It’s something you can see and feel. And, I saw it in Francis. I talked to him a bit and low and behold, he had acting aspirations, and was planning to move to LA after high school. And so, I just told him, “Hey, you’d be great on Degrassi.”

Francis checked out the link I sent him about auditions and he seemed interested. He asked me to help him try to get on the show. Now, I’m not ‘in the business’ as it were, but hell, I thought, I’d help him anyway I could. So, I made sure Francis watched the pilot and knew who CRAIG MANNING is.

Francis had the idea to start a hashtag on twitter, #francisondegrassi. He hoped it would trend. Francis is popular on younow and he got people tweeting it. And I thought, just for kicks, we should try to get Stephen Stohn in on the deal. (The Degrassi Producer.) It was a long shot, but I believed in the kid and he just promoted the heck out of himself, and I’d help him out with the Degrassi facts and such.

And earlier today, while live on air, Francis suddenly got excited. “Oh my god. Wow. Holy….” He started breathing hard and we were all asking him what was going on. He showed us his phone, and the one and only Stephen Stohn had followed him and tweeted him, asking him if he had an audition tape!

The rest is Francis’ story to tell, but I am extremely excited for him. I can’t take the credit though. I just saw the talent he had, and shoved him in the direction he needed to go. His fans got him noticed and BOOM.

Of course, the writer in me is already imagining who Francis could portray on the show. The badboy? The popular kid? The possibilities are endless, really. I’m a true believer that Francis will be what Degrassi has been looking for since the original cast left. Degrassi needs another male that can really, really connect with the audience and be a front runner in the storytelling.

Will Degrassi have found the next Craig Manning?

Time will tell.

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5 thoughts on “#Francisondegrassi

  1. Brianna says:

    I hope he makes it. I bet he will. He is so talented. We all have his back in everything he does

  2. abet sarmiento says:

    Good luck francis you can do it…

  3. BriannaLuuusk says:

    I hope he makes it ! I’ve known him for years, and I believe in him ! 🙂
    crossing fingers?

  4. You are such a good guy! u dan do it 🙂 Good Luck Francis!! 😀

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