“Are you an agent”?


In the past few days, I’ve gotten some questions regarding the entire #francisondegrassi campaign.

First, let me start by saying, I’m not an agent. I have a background in acting and writing. So, I suppose I have qualities an agent would have.  In the case with Francis,  I simply  saw a person who had potential and merely brought a certain audition flyer their way.  But, I’m just an ordinary guy. My hope, when all is said and done, is that I might have at least one television show on the air.

Second, I wasn’t the genius to create the #francisondegrassi tag, either.  That was all Francis. In fact, it’s all him.  He’s the guy doing the work. He’s getting his name out there, brushing up on acting techniques, asking the right questions, maintaining his healthy lifestyle… all the while still hopping on the school bus in the morning.

You may have heard me say “I’m his manager” or “I’m his agent.” That’s simply a inside joke as it were.  However, I have no problem offering feedback to someone. But I am not in the position to get you “famous.” If you want an actual agent, you just have to look in the right places. Be weary of craigslist postings and things like that. Honestly, the best way to get an agent is by networking. The act of getting the agent isn’t through networking, but finding a CREDITABLE agent is.

Now. If you’re here wondering where all the NEWS is.  I know. I want the news too. But, I just remember this little saying:

No news, is good news.

EDIT: For those wanting updates. Francis did get a response. But he is not allowed to disclose the details of said response.  Season 13 begins in JULY. 


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