Attractive Popularity.

I was live on younow. My hair was messy and I was… well, me. I’m not attractive by any means and I’m extremely self-conscious. I’m always worried what someone might think when they come into my room.

To my surprise, the viewer counter switched to 1 and I was quite surprised. Then it went to 2. Then to 3. I talked a bit about my writing, my experience as a 4th grader and being traumatized by a spider— nothing terribly important. But, people were watching me and staying. People like COREY RAY and FRANCIS SAUVE stopped by. You know— semi-famous Younowers. The fact that THEY stopped in to watch ME was nice. I was quite shocked, really.

I was in the TALK NOW channel, where people go live at once. We are all in a “queue” and whomever visits the site can decide to watch you or someone else. I glanced at the others broadcasting. Aside from the girl who managed to have the featured spot— each broadcaster had about 3 or people watching them.

I had been live for about twenty minutes when suddenly, a broadcaster jumped to the number one spot. And, I noticed that his viewership was extremely high— 86 people. Now, you have to understand— in TALK NOW— it’s a miracle when even 10 people are watching you. This person was not even in the “featured” spot and had 86 people! I ended my broadcast and decided to see just who this person was.

It was Kane Foster.


I’ve never heard of him before. The people chatting kept saying things like, “OMG WOULD YOU MARRY ME?” and the occasional, “WOULD YOU DATE ME EVEN IF I HAVE SCARS FOM A SURGERY?”

Kane seemed quite nice. Apparently, he’s starting a clothing line and hopes to begin making YOUTUBE videos soon. After watching him for awhile, I decided to see just why he was so popular. It didn’t take long to see he had a TUMBLR. He talked about it a bit— he gives advice occasionally and posts photos he takes. His tumblr managed to get noticed and boom— popularity.

However, it’s important to note that Kane is 19. He’s Australian. He’s tall. He’s lean. He has a nice smile. (As you all could clearly see from the photo above.)  Now, don’t misunderstand me— I’m not bashing his advice giving or photos. But, I think it’s fair to say he’s probably popular mostly due to his looks.

Eventually, there were 300 people watching him. And this was at midnight. Pretty impressive. Eventually I left his broadcast and noticed something… only one more channel had more viewership than him: JACK AND FINN.

JACK AND FINN had 600 people watching some girl. She was not who they were after. They were after Jack and Finn Harries… a set of identical twins. I’d never heard of them either. But, there were 600 people waiting because apparently they were to appear in just a few minutes. Jack and Finn are children to a famous British couple who produce shows and films. The twins themselves have a popular youtube channel. I just glanced at one. The twins are charismatic and would fit perfectly on any Magazine cover.


My point is this: It pays to be attractive.

And, while fame is something I’m not after particularly… a part of me felt some sadness. It must be a thrill to be popular. To have 300… 600… 1000 people stay up late just for a chance to talk with you.

I can’t imagine how often their phones ring. How much money they make. How it must feel to walk down the street.

Fame is nothing new. But with the internet, certain people are gaining fame when they wouldn’t ordinarily would. And I’m not suggesting their attractiveness is their sole reason for fame. But, it’s obviously a part. Being attractive gets you in the door. Your talent ( Kane’s design skills or Jack’s acting skills) keeps people watching.

And I just thought….that must be an interesting feeling—  to be sought after like that. The kind of thing that  causes people  to scream when you click the “follow” button on Twitter.

Not always, you understand.  But just once would that be something to experience. To be popular for a day.

But, that won’t ever happen to me.

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