PRETTY LITTLE GIRL is merely a writing exercise in the form of a script for the television show DEGRASSI.


I’m a script writer (aspiring) but I haven’t written anything for months.

Finally, inspiration hit and I decided to roll with the ideas that had been in my head for quite some time.

PRETTY LITTLE GIRL originally was to be solely a ‘Reunion’ episode featuring original characters from the first few seasons. However, I was struggling to reason why students so much older would return and exactly what they’d be doing.

But, with the suicide plot featuring Cam Saunders, I had found my reason.

The story then shifted. Instead of being just about returning characters, I wanted to introduce at least one new one and tie everything together with a bow regarding Cam.

What exactly is the story behind PRETTY LITTLE GIRL? Well, here… I’ll tell you—

Degrassi has been shaken by the horrific suicide of Cam Saunders. When Emma and Craig meet by chance, upon hearing of the bad news,  they decide to return to Degrassi and stage a Suicide Prevention Concert. Meanwhile, Maya is struggling deeply with Cam’s death and finds herself attracted to new student Kyle Wolff— but are his intentions pure? And with all the attention Cam is getting, Becky Baker makes it her mission to be sure the Greenhouse is destroyed…

I don’t like the term ‘fanfiction’ but I suppose that’s what this is. I’m not working for the show. I’m just a writer who dreams about it!

Stephen Stohn responded to my tweet a few years ago, regarding working on the show. He told me that all writers must be Canadian. Looking at it now, I believe you technically could be from the US and work on the show, but you must live in Canada in order to do so.

I’m not going to be living in Canada ever… so this is the best I’ve got. It’s merely a creative exercise. And, I mention this because I do plan to make the script available when it’s finished. My hope is the DEGRASSI fans find it to be a good read and maybe some cast members will read it too. You know, I can dream.

If you follow my blog, you know who FRANCIS SAUVE is. 298992_497966720255043_1815764232_n

Just to recap, he’s an aspiring actor who has auditioned for the show. He knows I’m a writer and he had asked me, “If you were writing for the show, what would my character be? Who do you see me as?” And my script, PRETTY LITTLE GIRL. is my answer to the question.  (Kyle Wolff.)

Currently, the script is at ten pages. I’m estimating an actual script is around 20 pages long, so I’ve got ten more to go. And in actuality, this is just PART 1 of the story.

I’m having a lot of fun with it. I just love writing. And while it’s just for fun, I do hope to show readers that I do have talent.


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