Debate with the Joker.



I’ve written about him before. Onision is the username belonging to Greg, a semi-famous youtuber.  (Full name has not been confirmed.) He is famous for his crude humor, acting abilities and advice videos.

Onision has gotten a lot of hate over the years. His humor is very crude and sometimes hard to stomach. Onision usually combats his haters with more skits and even created a character that represented a ‘hater’ that appeared in videos from time to time.


In recent weeks, Onision has taken the haters head-on, by debating them via google hangouts. I’ve only watched a few.

The thing about Greg, is that he is a mastermind. He’s smart as a whip and can outsmart most people. If you watch these debates, you can tell when he begins to spin the truth and makes the other person question their opinion. Now, the debate I saw was with user SOMEGUY827. Someguy is a smart person, too. He never strayed from his point, but you could tell Greg was tripping him up.

However, there was one person Greg really wanted to debate. And if you ask me, the debates were created for this sole user: MRREPZION.


Repzion is Daniel, I believe a man of 20 or 21. Daniel gives off the impression he has a high intellect, and I believe, is probably the one person in this ‘drama’ that could mop the floor with Greg. I was anxiously waiting for the two to debate. I feel it would be the only debate that was evenly matched.

However, for some reason, Daniel did not take the opportunity. I don’t understand why. There was the interesting part that Greg requested a mediator during the debate, something he did not have in the others. Did Onision know he’d need ‘help’ when debating Daniel? So, we can suspect Daniel found this unfair and decided to not debate Greg.

This flew Greg into a tailspin. He couldn’t grasp the thought of being turned down. And, I suspect, again, that the debates were really all about debating Daniel. So, what did Greg do? He put a sock on his left hand, dubbed it “Repsock” drew eyes on it, had some fake hair at the top— and debated THAT for almost an hour.


I didn’t watch that video. I only saw the first minute, I found it unwatchable.

To combat this, Daniel made a 22 minute video as a response, THE FINAL FALL OF ONISION. Daniel made many points, but one which stood out was proof Greg had made fun of rape victims, something SOMEGUY827 could not do, during his debate.

Finally, Greg made a 9 minute video response.  (But not before marking a privacy complaint against Daniel’s video.) Here, he sought out to prove Daniel wanted to debate with him (which Daniel denies.) And then, Greg goes on a rant about how bringing his family into it is wrong.

On Daniel’s tumblr, his ask is being flooded with Onision questions. And, I don’t see why not. These two are in a war right now. People love a good train wreck.

But, what this entry really is about is my opinion on Onision (Greg.)

Greg reminds me a lot of a friend I used to have. The friend was charming, well liked, very smart– seemingly a good guy. But, the friend was secretly manipulative and could make people do as he wanted.

I dreamed about Greg last night.

We were in a college dorm room, playing some video game. His wife was there too, but said almost nothing. I remember feeling very uncomfortable, almost fearful I would be attacked physically, if I said the wrong thing.

I remember mentioning Daniel in the dream— Greg gave me this wicked smile, and that was all. I lastly remember Greg telling me it was time to leave. He walked me to the door. I began asking him a question– but he pushed the door against me and forced me out. I then heard the door lock.

As I walked out in the hallway, I heard Greg let out his ‘joker laugh’, and I felt afraid.


I think everyone needs to leave Greg alone. I feel if he is pushed, he could do something dangerous. He’s cunning. He is strong. He shouldn’t be messed with. The guy is a brilliant actor, but there is no doubt in my mind he has some sort of mental illness.

Daniel needs to just stay clear. And everyone else too.

Because. There is no telling what Greg might do next.

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