Meeting Tyler Durden: Part 2

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As I said, the rest of that year was fantastic. But then, I began college.

I had a hard time adjusting. Meanwhile, at the high school, Tyler was now top dog from my understanding, and things were as perfect for him as they ever were. I longed to go back there. I wasn’t happy and begun struggling with depression.


I had depression in high school, but it was always well-balanced because of Tyler. He was my therapist. He’d be the one I’d call. He’d mutter the perfect words to make me feel good again. This sort of thing went off and on during high school, but began increasing at an unhealthy rate once I got to college.

The only time I felt good was when I’d return to the high school— and see a production and the people I had to leave behind.

The production this year was CINDERELLA.Image

Tyler had been cast as the Prince. But, instead of basking in the role, he was pissed. You see, the role of Cinderella had gone to a choir girl who had never been in a play before. Tyler argued the casting was unjust and that the woman playing the part was ugly and annoying. Tyler was also furious because everyone was sure a certain girl would be cast as Cinderella. Tyler was banking on getting to kiss her… but unfortunately for him, this girl was cast as one of the ugly stepsisters.


I struggled with the situation. In my eyes, the department was built around accepting others.

I was shocked and was turned off by Tyler’s attitude.

With Tyler hating Cinderella and my declining mental health, our friendship began to dwindle. Tyler would stop answering my texts and calls.

This was where his kind and caring personality began to fade away.


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