Big Brother 15: The Dreadful Final Three

Well, here we are.

Big Brother 15 is about to end. The final three has been decided, and fans everywhere are saying it’s the worst final three in history. Personally, I’d have to agree. This reminds me a lot of season nine. That final three consisted of Sheila, Ryan, and Adam. I was rooting for Sheila. But when she left, I didn’t really care who won because I didn’t particularly like the final two. Ryan was a blah of a person and Adam was like the really drunk guy you met at the bar.

Let’s break down season 15’s final three and talk about each player individually:



Let’s talk about Spencer’s game for a moment. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know everything there is to know about this game. However, I am a devoted viewer. And I would call Spencer a floater. By my definition, a floater is someone who sleeps most of the time, does not particularly win competitions, and is not particularly loyal to any one person.  (And game talk is far and in between.) Now, I realize that Spencer was in The Moving Company and is currently in The Exterminators. However, the moving company fell apart and Spencer was most arguably the most expendable member. He didn’t win HOH until a few days ago, and he’s only won one veto. I will be talking about the exterminators later. But, in short, Spencer truly has not done much in the game. While he was on the block for eight times, he was kept around because he was a floater.

Now let’s talk about Spencer as a person. Spencer does have good qualities. I’ve seen them. There are little moments where you see a gentle human. The best example I can give, is Spencer’s HOH blog. Within that blog, Spencer emerges as an articulate, intelligent, and kind man. So we know he isn’t all bad. But, it is hard to forget his child porn joke, exposing himself while walking down the HOH stairs, and talking about how he would love to trap Elissa in a room and kill her. I could go on, but you get the point.  He’s mainly just awful and him winning would be a huge tragedy.



GM is an interesting case. Early in the game, she was besties with Aaryn. Along with Kaitlin, the three became known as the big brother mean girls. GM was second in line with the racist comments. Commenting that Helen should do her nails, Candice was already on the dark side because she was dark, and who could forget GM claiming she had “N…” Insurance.

For a good while, GM was hated outside of the house. However, she then began to exhibit moments of likability. She would have hearts to hearts with Helen, she wouldn’t lie to your face, and there was a certain kindness to the girl who loved the boy with the blue hat. Many laughed at GM’s breakdown when Nick got evicted, but I didn’t. You saw raw emotion from the woman. And a hateful person doesn’t ever exhibit that.

And just when you began to like her, her ugly side emerged again. As Candice walked out the front door, GM commented , “At least I got a mother that likes me…” (Candice is adopted, so this was a bash at that.)  Again, there are countless other examples. But you can clearly see the dilemma. Judd, a person clearly with no knowledge of the outside perception, is rooting for GM to win and said she was very loyal. And this is true. GM has been loyal to a fault. She has won competitions and she does do a lot of game talk.  It does appear that on some level, GM has had a very good game, considering. I would not call her a floater. However, if she wins, her initial negative comments will cause her to be the black sheep of the big brother family.



Here is where things are going to get a little tricky. When I saw Andy’s pre-season interviews, I loved him. I loved his energy, I loved his strategy plan, and he just seemed like a very nice guy. Now, apparently Andy has said very nasty things about Elissa. believe the nastiness of the others hasrubbed off on him. We have to remember he never said anything racist or homophobic. It is true he never spoke up for anybody, but I don’t think he has  ever bashed anyone except Elissa.I’m not excusing his behavior but we must remember she got a lot of help from production and she is the sister to a big Brother winner. I can see how her unfair advantage would get under people’s skin causing them to say nasty things about her.

Moving on, let’s talk about Andy as a floater. I hear a lot of people call him that. But I don’t agree. There are several definitions of this word but in my eyes he is not one. Andy is well-liked in the house. To me, if the majority of the house likes you, this means your social game is on point. Remember that montage of HG’s in the diary room? Six or seven HG’s said they felt he was trustworthy and on their side. You can get mad at Andy for playing every side there is to play, but I wouldn’t call that floating. And I will admit, I did not like this aspect of his game.  (I was on the rat train for a week.) But when I saw an overwhelming amount of criticism of his game, it made me angry. I thought about the situation more and my opinion changed. In terms of the competitions, he has won them when he needed. To me, that’s all fine and dandy.

Now, let me talk about the recently formed alliance. The Exterminators hasn’t been around long. I cannot remember Dan Gheesling’s exact words, but he also brought up the fact that the alliance was formed when virtually no one was left. When you take into account season 12’s alliance, The Brigade, was formed very early on— and those members stayed faithful until they absolutely had to turn on one another— The Exterminators sure seems like a “We’re the only ones left” kind of deal. How and when it was formed does not give it any points and it will not go down in history,

I personally believe this is a dreadful final three. But, this was the hand we were dealt, and we must live with it. And in my opinion, of the three available, I would say Andy deserves to win. And I know, there are people reading this angered at him for what he has said since Elissa has been evicted. I know it’s horrible. It’s not that we are to ignore that aspect, but we must look at the positive attributes he exhibits. Of the final three, Andy is the lesser of the evils and him winning would not be a total loss. I think GM or Spencer winning would certainly have much more dangerous consequences due to the really, really, really nasty things they had said.


Overall, I think we can all agree this was the worst season ever. I know every season someone calls it the worst season. But truly, we can all agree that finally we have had the worst season of Big Brother. Never before have we had such an awful group of people. There may be one or two bad apples in a cast. But this year, we had five bad apples. Six bad apples if you want to count Andy. With that many awful people it’s hard to enjoy the season.

However, even though this cast was a total flop, I do not want an All-Stars next season. I want casting to be reworked and reevaluated and newbies next year.

Now keep in mind, this is my opinion. I am a fan, just like you are. The difference in opinion is what makes the show fun. We all like different people for different reasons. I hope you can see my point of view just as I have seen others when it comes to Andy and so on and so on.

Who do you think deserves to win out of this dreadful final three?

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