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“Broadcast Yourself”

On Nov 6, 2013, I logged into my Youtube account.

Everything seemed normal at first. I watched a few videos and then decided I wanted to comment. I clicked into the comment box, but my cursor didn’t appear. I thought my computer was having a moment. But soon, an interface box appeared. One I had seen before. One I had X’d out of nearly a thousand times.


An example of what you will see when you attempt to comment.

This was the ‘Connect to Google Plus’ box.  It attempts to get you to link your Youtube Channel with your Google Plus page. This link also will display your full name. While I could still close the box, commenting was still not working. I soon realized, Google has now made the acceptance of this feature mandatory, if I wanted to comment.

I then saw I had a few messages in my Inbox. I clicked on it to read them, but saw this instead:


Are you kidding me? Why would I want to use Google Plus to read comments from my Youtube videos? Why do you want me to use my real name when commenting?

Side Note: I originally connected my G+ account, under the choice “Use User Name”, but when I commented on a video, my real name displayed.

If you read the news, Goggle is saying they’ve implemented the G+ integration to cut down on spam. I think this a lie. I believe this is a tactic to get users onto G+, which, let’s face it, is a failed social network.

Let me also remind you that in 2011, it was against Youtube policy to use your real name. Goggle has since rewritten the policy, clearly so they protect their butts from getting sued.


Screenshot from the 2011 policy, verses the 2013 version.

Some may say that the change is good. But, I would tell you to take a look at some videos and their comments. Spam Bots are rampant and  ASCII artwork is now allowed in comments, which people are using to post offensive images.

'Drawings' that appear in YouTube Comments.

‘Drawings’ that appear in YouTube Comments.

Comment boxes now allow links, in which Bots are placing viruses.

Some news outlets are reporting that many users are abandoning commenting altogether. I am one of those users. This really is an unjust change and it has me fuming with anger.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Install Adblock in your browser. This extension blocks ads from running, which will cause Goggle to lose money.
  2. Write your opinion on the Youtube facebook page:
  3. Write your opinion on Larry Page’s G+ profile. He’s Goggle’s CEO. :
  4. Refrain from linking your G+ account. You can even delete it.
  5. Refrain from commenting on Youtube.

It is important to combat this change. Google is becoming too powerful and too controlling. They are trying to remove anonymity from the internet completely, and that is not good.

All of the big Youtubers, Shane Dawson, Pewdiepie, Smosh and Ray William Johnson have reminded quiet on this issue. They make serious money from Youtube (Google), so it is fair to say they don’t want to lose their checks. But,  Jawed Karim, a co-founder of Youtube, commented on his channel for the first time in 8 years:


So, please join the fight against G+ and let us hope Youtube returns to normal. 

EDIT: PewDiePie, The most-subscribed youtuber has spoken out against these changes. He had this to say, in his most recent video description box:

Turning comments off until they are working properly.

Due to the recent changes of the YouTube comment system I’m forced to disable comments.
Since front page/top comments are filled with: Links to virus sites, Advertisers, Self Advertisers, Spam, Copy and paste pics of dogs (I’m ok with those though) :p … Anyway, the list goes on.

Sorry about this, it’s not an easy decision since I love reading your comments! But I hope this will get fixed soon, my proposal would be to let us disable top comments (as we could before).

Until then I’ll still reply on Fb and Pm’s


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BIG BROTHER: It doesn’t have to be trashy

Well, BBAU has ended. (Big Brother Australia.)

The program was such a treat. It was a breath of fresh air, after the disaster that was BIG BROTHER 15. (For those who don’t know, this was the latest US edition.)

Like with any reality tv show, my opinions of the HM’s (House mates, as they are called here) changed throughout the season.


Tim, who was a trickster with a heart.

I didn’t like Tim at first, but then, appreciated his humor and was happy to see he did have a heart, showing kindness throughout the experience.


Jade, who proved to show compassion and did not think she’d make it to the end.

Jade came in, with us all thinking she was the ‘pretty girl model’ who had nothing to offer. But, she proved to have compassion and was a good sport. She was blinded by her love for Ed, but the Jade we knew was there returned when Ed was evicted. I was so happy Jade made second place, because, she represented the good, while Tahan was the ‘bad.’


Tahan, a HM who cared more for her make-up than her experience.

Tahan, while she was fun to watch in the beginning, proved to be a spoiled little girl, who was most interested in her hair dryer and a Kim K clutch bag. Tahan also has a famous boyfriend, which no doubt, added to her votes in keeping her there until the final three. It angered me that the show portrayed her as being “extremely honest.” Tahan did not exibit honesty. She exhibited bluntness, which is different.

I wanted Jade to win. But, ultimately, Tim winning was a good fit. The jokester with a heart made it to the end. You could tell he appreciated it, that he really felt ‘in a dream’—- congrats!

BBAU is a step up from the US version, it’s incredible. There’s drama, yet it isn’t tasteless. People cry when people are evicted. There were only personal attacks by two HM’s at most, verses almost the entire house in the US. The audiences are much larger, the HM’s feel more like this is an EVENT. An interview with an evicted HM is on average, 8 minutes, verses the shorter of the US. I mean, I could go on, but you get the point.

Allison Grodner needs to take some notes and overhaul the Us version of BB.

BBAU proves that ‘Big Brother’ can be a truly enjoyable show and doesn’t have to be a liar’s game with backstabbing and personal attacks. 


On this version, all HM’s are evicted and the winner is decided by a public vote.

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