The Sound of Music Live! – A Short and Sweet Review


To the point. Short and sweet:

  1. First, let’s applaud the network for attempting this. It’s a marvelous idea, and if memory serves me right, hasn’t been done since 1957. (In which Julie Andrews played Cinderella.)
  2. Yes, you could tell they were on sets, but it had a “Broadway” feel, and the sets were pretty damn impressive.
  3. The children did amazingly well. No major line flubs or anything.
  4.  Carrie Underwood’s singing was amazingly wonderful. Her acting was nothing special, but I would not say she was bad. For not being an actress, she did well. She didn’t miss any lines. Give the woman some credit.
  5. I don’t know Stephen Moyer’s background— His acting was great, but he was flat on some notes. But I ‘d rather hear a flat note here and there instead of an actor lip-syncing.
  6.  Laura Benanti, again, I have never heard of her, (I apologize)  but she shined in both acting and singing, and even had to adlib a second when an extra stepped on her dress and it almost ripped. She was very enjoyable to watch.
  7. The rest of the supporting cast was top notch. You know who I’m talking about – Audra McDonald and Christian Borle.

So, in summary— was this perfect? No. But it was a damn good production and people need to realize that this sort of event is a major undertaking. It should be celebrated. I hope that another musical receives this treatment before another 56 years go by.


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2 thoughts on “The Sound of Music Live! – A Short and Sweet Review

  1. frannygranny says:

    Not sure, but think the German soldier who came to tell Von Trapp he was being assigned immediately forgot his lines and Stephen Moyer covered for him. Loved the entire thing…I was impressed with Carrie Underwood. Mainly watched it for Christian Borle, Laura Benanti and Audra McDonald who were all wonderful. The children were all great….I assume the music was all live, but wondered where the microphones were. It was a joy to see and i was so impressed and thrilled by it all.

  2. KL says:

    I have read reviews already and people are ready to tear Underwood a new “input”.
    For a non-actress, she pulled it off well.

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