“A Few of us Left.”

My college experience was not exactly a positive one. However, my mind will sometimes wander. Tonight, I was reminded of this neat little thing that happened to me. And I wanted to share:

It was a cold, winter day. I had been invited by my friend, Courtney, to watch movies and hang out at her dorm. We hung out for several hours and it was evening when I was ready to return home. Her dorm was “upper division” which meant it is built like an apartment complex. Outside the actual dorm were recreational areas with cover from rain or snow. As luck would have it, it had begun to snow. It was picking up too, and I was sure a blizzard was on its way.

I stopped for a moment and zipped up my coat. Leaning against the wall was a young man, a little older than I was, possibly 22 or 23. I gathered he might have been a senior. He was dressed nicely and had an expensive coat on. He gave me a smile. It caught me off guard. I’m not used to people smiling at me.

“Hello.” He said, with his kind smile.


“How has your day been?” he then asked.

I was taken aback. I didn’t know this guy. He was just some senior, hanging out in the cold weather.

“I’m good, thanks. I’ve been with a friend. But, I’m not looking forward to walking in this snow.” I said this truly to be conversational, mind you.

The young man had been leaning against the wall. But at this instance, he learned forward and took a step toward me.

“Well, where are you going?” he asked, looking ever so compassionate.

“Tinsley,” I said, the name of my dorm.

“Well, would you like a ride?”

I thought for a moment. I really was shocked by this whole exchange. The snow was getting worse now. I realized I probably would not be able to walk home, so I told him that would be great.

We walked to his brown truck. I forget what model. It was small, but tidy. It had a sort of flair about it.

He turned on the engine and began to drive. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

“Hey, babe. I’m going to be a little late. I’m driving a guy to his dorm. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

No wonder he was dressed up; probably on the way to pick up his girlfriend for a date.

The drive was only about 5 minutes. We pulled up to my dorm entrance. He shifted the car into park.

“Well, thank you. What’s your name?” I asked him.


“Well, Nathan. Thanks. It’s nice to know there are still nice people in the world.”

He chuckled and smiled.

“There’s a few of us left. Have a good night.”

I told him “You too” and that was that.

I look on this encounter fondly. Here was this senior on his way to get his girlfriend. But, he helped me out by his own doing. It’s one of those things that makes your heart smile.

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One thought on ““A Few of us Left.”

  1. Archon's Den says:

    I was worried that it was going to end sadly different. Your judgement was correct. Nice story. 🙂

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