PETER PAN, LIVE! A Short and Sweet Review.

This time last year, 18 million people sat down to their televisions to see Carrie Underwood in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, LIVE! And, here we are again, but it’s PETER PAN, LIVE! With Allison Williams.


I gave a quick review of the former production, so, I figured I could do the same this year. Short and sweet.

  1. The set was beautiful. Very colorful and large. Very “story book.”
  2. My breath was taken away when Peter made his entrance. Flying effects were on point.
  3. Not a fault of the NBC production, but I felt most songs were forgettable. However, the music itself makes a great score.
  4. Allison Williams did a fairly good job, in both acting and singing.
  5. Christopher Walken seemed to go in and out of character. His Hook was silly. However, the Disney Hook is silly most of the time, so maybe that’s what he was going for.
  6. Taylor Louderman was an extremely melodramatic Wendy. Very Broadway. I would have liked her to tone it down just a tad during the few serious moments.
  7. Tinkerbell was nifty. Props to actors knowing where to look and for cameramen moving perfectly for Tink’s path.
  8. Melisa Joan Hart was a hoot in those Walmart commercials. My favorite one was where she laughs as her children play with some toys. “Yes, these are bow and arrows! Like the one Wendy got shot with!”

So, was this a better production than last years? I’d say it was. Not that “Music…” was bad, but you could agrue last year’s lead needed some acting classes. Sure, “Peter Pan” had sort of the same wonky feel. But, NBC fixed what went wrong last year and overall, I’d say this was very enjoyable and more whimsical.

As it stands now, NBC is planning to air a LIVE play next year. I believe it will be 12 ANGRY MEN. My hope is they reconsider, and do another family friendly musical. While many people want to hatewatch, I think it’s important the LIVE Musical become a Holiday tradition.


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