The Sixth Season of Glee.

I try so hard to like Glee.


It went from bad to good. Then it was bad. After awhile, it was okay. Then it was really great. And now, it’s just horrible.

This sixth season started out strong. I liked Klaine being apart. It’s realistic. And it causes conflict, which a show needs. Blaine dating Dave was fascinating. It opened the door to exploring Dave’s character, and to possibly dive into why he was so depressed before.

I was happy Rachel was heading back to help with the Glee club. I liked how her tv show didn’t work out. She didn’t let it break her.

Will being at another school and having a son was cool too. I was hoping we’d see him as a father more.

The new Footballer player who was the “modern gay” seemed promising.  (Spencer.) Would he try to entice Kurt?

Coach Beast wanting to be a male didn’t really fit with her previous established arcs, but I was willing to forgive that.

But this last episode, “The Hurt Locker, Part 1” really, really threw me.

My main issue was the structure of the episode. The characters are at the invitational. And then, BOOM: Sam and Rachel are out to dinner. What was the reason for this dinner? Why were they suddenly with each other, alone? The fact the characters were together was strange and the sudden cut to the dinner seemed like an editing mistake.

Sue’s behavior in this episode was unforgivably silly. Yes, the character practically sits in the melodrama category. But, this episode went just too far. She’s got a shed full of photos of Will and ships Klaine to the point of having a giant photo of them? I mean, come on! That’s just absolutely ridiculous.


Sue hypnotizing Sam had its moments. But, for me, the show decided to completely turn fantasy and I just can’t stand it shifting its tone once again. I did chuckle when Sue glided behind Rachel, though. I’ll admit.

Lastly, the show decided to toss away Marley and Ryder. Melissa and Blake are extremely talented actors. Those characters did wonders for the show. Alex Newell, even. The arc of Unique catfishing Ryder… I mean, these are the sort of plots that grounded Glee into reality. The drama was real and fresh. Now, it’s just a circus.

A show can be silly. It doesn’t have to be completely realistic. But, when a show constantly shifts tone, drops characters and plots—- it just feels like a preschoolers art project. All thrown together with no thought, whatsoever.

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