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Twisty Twist- Twist.

As Big Brother fast approaches, fans are buzzing on what kind of twists or turns this season may contain. Returning Players? A rotating conversational room will mirrors all around the room? (See what I did there?)

One of the more popular podcasts, “Rob Has A Podcast” discussed at length, twist ideas submitted by fans. I missed the memo, so I was not able to offer my idea.

However, I’d like to share it, just to see if there might be any interest.

My idea isn’t exactly a “twist” per se, but would rather bring a new character into the house.

“The Big Brother Fairy.”


A Magical Being sent to help the Underdog.

Now, I know… many people are wishing the “Nickelodeon” and “childish” themes were gone from the show, but hear me out.

The Big Brother Fairy would be an actual person, an actress, who enters the house either in person or via the television. She would only appear to one HG, and this HG would be decided by public vote.

Her appearance would be late in the game, so we have established alliances and know the HG’s pretty well.

The Fairy will humorously state she’s been watching  from afar and that this particular HG could use some help.

She’ll offer to grant the HG who sees her one wish.

The HG would then be given three options to choose from.

  1. A video from a family member that can be up to 3 minutes long.
  2. A quick scene from the house, with audio, that will help this particular HG.
  3. Something to do with eviction, like a vote counting more, or changing the veto winner.

The HG would have only a few minutes to decide on their wish.

The Fairy could only appear up to three times in the season and on the third time, she’ll be revealed to all the HG’s.

The wishes could change, obviously. Those were just ones I thought of.

I’d like to think she’d help the underdog of the household, but whom she helps would be from public vote.

Maybe she wouldn’t need to be called a Fairy, but you get the idea.

We’ve seen characters enter the house before, but they’ve never offered any power.

I know some people are purists and don’t want anyone getting any kind of unfair advantage. But this would just be a fun little thing to see. I realize it’s a tad similar to Pandora’s box, but the Fairy would not be offering any punishment.

What do you think of this idea?

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Degrassi is Canceled! (Possibly?) (UPDATED)


The logo, as shown in the season 2 opening.

After 14 years on the air, it looks as though Degrassi has come to an end. Multiple outlets are reporting it is canceled, and will only air the last 12 episodes to be produced.

For a couple years now, the seasons have been in “chunks.” So, when the show might have a “finale”, it was only just the break before the next chunk.

When Degrassi last aired, it was ‘the finale’ of 14A. So, when the show returns, we’re only getting “B” of the season. Sometimes, there is even a C, where the story lines actually conclude.

Information is all over the place. Some say the show is done, for good. Some say, it’s just TeenNick that is concluding airing the series after 14 B. We don’t know.

The writer in me is very, very worried. If the show is indeed canceled, will the viewers get a true send off? Or, will the ‘story of the week’ merely conclude, since what will be airing is “B” of the current season?


Miles starts a fire as he releases anger toward his father.

When we last saw Degrassi, Miles had started a fire at the school (unintentionally) that caused panic for a hot second, until everyone was rescued during the commercial break.

Elsewhere, Zoe was being blackmailed ala Pretty Little Liars style, with creepy dolls and texts from an unknown sender.

Down the hall, Clare had learned Eli was the father of her baby, not Drew— but because Eli had given her hell initially, she was adamant Eli would have nothing to do with the child’s life.

Degrassi is not having a good season. The show peaked in season 12, with the suicide of Cam Saunders— but since then, the show has been reduced to 90210 fodder. The storytelling is not as good as it was 14 years ago. We’ve seen established character traits be tossed aside, sisters move to Africa and yet to return, a transgender characrer die out of nowhere because the actress left the series and a male student struggle with their weight for one episode and suddenly be thin the next.

My point, is that Degrassi needs a genuine send off.

We can’t just see these recent poor plots be resolved in 15 minutes and have the credits roll one last time. We need the show to return to the height it was in Season 12, for one last hurrah.

My hope is that the writers and producers are being given the opportunity to end the series on their terms.

If I were on the writing staff, I would definitely have Emma return, whom was the sole reason this current branch of Degrassi exists. We saw her husband, Spinner, is actually working at the Dot— so she can’t be too far from the school grounds.


Spinner Mason, an original character, returned on the current season. He famously married Emma Nelson, the staple of the series.

Some of you may know I had worked on a script, titled, PRETTY LITTLE GIRL, that took place after Cam’s suicide. This script saw Emma and Craig return, staging a Suicide Awareness Concert.

We can only hope the series is allowed to be tied with a big red bow and have a nice ending.

Whatever it takes, I’m gonna make it through.


The sun sets in a closing shot of an episode.


Jake Epstein, who played Craig Manning, comments on the cancellation.

Jake Epstein, who played Craig Manning, comments on the cancellation.

UPDATE:  It’s been reported that after “14 B” airs on television, the show is being made new again with Degrassi: Next Class on NETFLIX. It’s not clear if NETFLIX is producing or just distributing. But, this could mean better quality writing!

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UNREAL Reality.

Unreal debuted yesterday on Lifetime. The series follows Rachel, a staffer on a reality show, as she forges relationships with the contestants to get that “critical piece of footage.”

I’m a big fan of reality television. I watch Big Brother every year, was a fan of Joe Millionaire and have watched plenty of odd series through the years. (Anyone remember Inner Beauty?)

But, like most people, I did question how ‘real’ these shows were. With Big Brother in particular, for a small fee, you can watch the house live. I would see an event play out in real time. On the show, the event would be out of order, would cut out a moment, etc. I’d take to the message boards, blasting the producers for ‘manipulating’ the footage.

With Joe Millionaire, who can forget when the show used “slurp sounds” and showed footage of a large bushy area, to imply ‘Joe’ and one of the girls was doing the nasty?

With ‘Unreal’, manipulating the show-within-a-show is what the series is all about.

Rachel works on Everlasting, which is a clear reference to The Bachelor. It’s the first night of shooting a new season, and she better not screw up. The season before, she interrupted ‘The Bachelor’ as he was about to dump one of the girls on finale night. This included damaging the set and taking off in a crew member’s car. So, Rachel is on her best behavior tonight.

Rachel, played by Shiri Appleby.

Rachel, played by Shiri Appleby.

While we don’t know Rachel’s actual job title, she mainly spends the episode talking with contestants, getting them to act a certain way for the cameras. Faith is the virgin of the group. The producer wants her to be ‘the one we root for’, but Faith is staying away from ‘The Bachelor.’ With some coaxing, Rachel convinces Faith to approach him and the Producer gets the ‘heart to heart’ she needs.

Faith, the virgin, played by Breeda Wool.

Faith, the virgin, played by Breeda Wool.

Then, there’s Brittany, who the Producer wants as the villain. Things don’t go as planned, but it is Rachel who manages to get her to cry right into camera A. “We can use that in the promo!’ says one of the crew members.

Brittany, the villain, played by Arielle Kebbel.

You might be privy to the real life scandal on The Bachelorette, where the promos are making it look like two of the male contestants are falling in love. There’s probably a ‘Rachel’ there, right?

While Unreal is fictional, it is important to note, the writer of this show was a staffer on The Bachelor in the early days. As a writer, even if you aim to create something competently fictional, there is always some truth to your stories.

UNREAL looks like it’ll be a fantastic series, combining reality with scripted drama. The pilot sure had me on the edge of my seat. It made me question my anger at these Big Brother producers. Yes, we want it to be ‘real’. But, maybe, there does have to be a little coaching so we get an entertaining show.

Unreal airs Mondays on Lifetime.

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