Degrassi is Canceled! (Possibly?) (UPDATED)


The logo, as shown in the season 2 opening.

After 14 years on the air, it looks as though Degrassi has come to an end. Multiple outlets are reporting it is canceled, and will only air the last 12 episodes to be produced.

For a couple years now, the seasons have been in “chunks.” So, when the show might have a “finale”, it was only just the break before the next chunk.

When Degrassi last aired, it was ‘the finale’ of 14A. So, when the show returns, we’re only getting “B” of the season. Sometimes, there is even a C, where the story lines actually conclude.

Information is all over the place. Some say the show is done, for good. Some say, it’s just TeenNick that is concluding airing the series after 14 B. We don’t know.

The writer in me is very, very worried. If the show is indeed canceled, will the viewers get a true send off? Or, will the ‘story of the week’ merely conclude, since what will be airing is “B” of the current season?


Miles starts a fire as he releases anger toward his father.

When we last saw Degrassi, Miles had started a fire at the school (unintentionally) that caused panic for a hot second, until everyone was rescued during the commercial break.

Elsewhere, Zoe was being blackmailed ala Pretty Little Liars style, with creepy dolls and texts from an unknown sender.

Down the hall, Clare had learned Eli was the father of her baby, not Drew— but because Eli had given her hell initially, she was adamant Eli would have nothing to do with the child’s life.

Degrassi is not having a good season. The show peaked in season 12, with the suicide of Cam Saunders— but since then, the show has been reduced to 90210 fodder. The storytelling is not as good as it was 14 years ago. We’ve seen established character traits be tossed aside, sisters move to Africa and yet to return, a transgender characrer die out of nowhere because the actress left the series and a male student struggle with their weight for one episode and suddenly be thin the next.

My point, is that Degrassi needs a genuine send off.

We can’t just see these recent poor plots be resolved in 15 minutes and have the credits roll one last time. We need the show to return to the height it was in Season 12, for one last hurrah.

My hope is that the writers and producers are being given the opportunity to end the series on their terms.

If I were on the writing staff, I would definitely have Emma return, whom was the sole reason this current branch of Degrassi exists. We saw her husband, Spinner, is actually working at the Dot— so she can’t be too far from the school grounds.


Spinner Mason, an original character, returned on the current season. He famously married Emma Nelson, the staple of the series.

Some of you may know I had worked on a script, titled, PRETTY LITTLE GIRL, that took place after Cam’s suicide. This script saw Emma and Craig return, staging a Suicide Awareness Concert.

We can only hope the series is allowed to be tied with a big red bow and have a nice ending.

Whatever it takes, I’m gonna make it through.


The sun sets in a closing shot of an episode.


Jake Epstein, who played Craig Manning, comments on the cancellation.

Jake Epstein, who played Craig Manning, comments on the cancellation.

UPDATE:  It’s been reported that after “14 B” airs on television, the show is being made new again with Degrassi: Next Class on NETFLIX. It’s not clear if NETFLIX is producing or just distributing. But, this could mean better quality writing!

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