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The Youtuber who Self Deleted

I believe it was early 2006 when I joined Youtube. Before its creation, video on the internet was obscure, and even if you found video, the quality was horrid. I used Youtube mainly to laugh, to cheer up. I never thought it would one day be the media giant it is now.

However, shortly after its creation, I decided one day to type ‘acting’ into the search bar. It was the first ‘serious’ thing I had searched for. This was before Shane Dawson, mind you. No one was on this site yet. It was all funny videos with very little serious content.

There were several results. But, one video thumbnail caught my eye. There was a young man in a red robe, with his back to the camera, parodying Tom Cruise’s scene from Risky Business. I clicked the video link and laughed and smiled. Remember, Youtube was new. This was a rarity. No one else had thought to do this, yet.

The man in the robe was Andrew McCarthy.


He was 17 or 18, I believe. He was right around my age. His videos consisted of acted monologues he had written or the occasional ‘funny video’ that was popular at the time. (He had this video where he ate a wrapped chocolate egg around Easter that was pretty clever.) He had also written and published a book of short stories. My interest in writing was just beginning, but I was intrigued. I regret not buying his book.

I’d like to say that Andrew and I became friends shortly after I subscribed to him.This was when MYSPACE was the place to be and he added me and a few others that watched his Youtube Videos to his friend list. Now, I know we weren’t close friends, by any means. But, this was before Youtubers had Facebook fan pages. Not everyone got added to a person’s private profile, but I had made the cut.

I remember one day in particular. I was having a rough day and was doubting my future as an actor. I was not a ‘looker’ by any means and was very worried that I’d never make it anywhere in life. I had summed up this belief in a MYSPACE post. Andrew was the first, and only person to comment. While I can not remember his exact words, he was comforting and supportive, telling me to have faith in my dreams and not give up. This was a big deal, because I think this was right before Andrew landed a role in a major Indie Film, Still Here.

Still Here was a big deal to me. Andrew played Adian, a high schooler who had just lost his girl friend in a tragic accident. I was excited to see Andrew’s acting abilities in a major setting. Throughout the film’s production, Andrew would share screen caps of the film or behind the scenes pictures. I was in total heaven, seeing someone I admired get his big break.

This is where our story goes dark. Andrew began appearing on YouTube less frequently. The time the film should have seen release came and went— Myspace faded into obscurity. And one day, Andrew’s 30+ videos were gone. It was like he had never existed.

That was 5 years ago. If you go to Andrew’s  channel,  http://www.youtube.com/user/ImReallyAGeek , you will see a video from March of this year. But, it’s of Andrew’s cat— and Andrew doesn’t respond to comments anymore.

While we know he’s ‘alive’, this random cat video is totally out of left field. Andrew never posted anything like that before.


What caused him to leave Youtube?

It just, sort of hurts. Andrew was a you tuber I really enjoyed. And out of all the youtubers I watched, he was the one I had hoped to stick around.

I wonder why he didn’t.

My hope is that Andrew returns to YouTube or at the very least, makes it big in the acting world. He had raw talent and was just a plain old good guy.

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